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Posted by on Oct 4, 2012 in Internet |

Gmelius: advertising removed Gmail from Google Chrome

Gmelius: advertising removed Gmail from Google Chrome

One of the things that I like about Google Chrome is its great flexibility to extend the functionality of the browser with extensions and applications in the Chrome Web Store. In addition to extending the functionality of the browser, we can find some extensions that enhance the experience of use of certain services, for example, because we offer integrations not supported natively (Google+ and Twitter) or because modifications made on the interface or functionality of a particular service (such as Better Nest on Twitter).

After eight years with us (and some other renovation in design and functionality), is one of the best email service we can find in the market, a mail service that offers free high-capacity mailbox though, if we think carefully, gratuity as such does not exist since the service advertising inserts. Surely, in all this time we’ve used to display the ads and have learned to ignore them completely but if you really want to remove the ads from our view we can use an extension called Gmelius .

And what can help us Gmelius? This extension is intended to clean the Gmail user interface and with that idea, removes the ads that come at the beginning of the messages that have piled up in our inbox, the ads that appear at the end of each post or advertisements appear on the right side in the view of the interior of a message (which can act as sources of distraction).

Besides eliminating advertising and clear the interface, the user will be able to customize it more and add some additional functionality that result in improving the user experience: relocate the label stack with which we classify the messages, provide color the buttons with the most common features (archiving, as spam or delete) and add just under a sign with the name of the function (if we still have not gotten used to the icons), remove Gmail chat widget or Hide the search bar or the Gmail logo, among other features.

If you work with Gmail and quite often would you improve some aspects of its interface, perhaps can be of help to work seamlessly with the email service of Google.

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