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Posted by on Sep 6, 2012 in Uncategorized |

Gmvault, backup of all our emails from Gmail

Gmvault, backup of all our emails from Gmail

You might think to Gmail is not first on our list. The fact that we can access our email from everywhere is one of the “highlights” of Gmail, along with the ability to access all other services provided to us as Calendar and Drive. However, it never hurts to cover all alternatives, and if we keep our mails really sure, we can use Gmvault , a backup service that allows us to store our emails locally.

We’ll talk a little about the benefits of Gmvault explain before installation and operation:

  • With full sync mode can synchronize all our emails in a single directory. Also, by having this directory can simply copy and paste it on a flash drive to have him with us everywhere, or upload to Dropbox to have extra storage in the cloud.
  • To provide a better experience for users of IMAP service, handles Gmvault solve major problems and common to make a more seamless experience.
  • The emails that we keep in a local directory can be encrypted to enhance their protection. This is how you can also store other storage services in the cloud, not just Gmail.
  • By not using databases to organize storage, you can easily access and move around, as we said a few lines. Gmvault works even when we remove certain files in the directory, which means we can keep only what we need.
  • Finally, one of the most interesting features is that it recognizes Gmvault all customizations you have made, such as labels, folders and more. This allows us to recover our Gmail account completely when, for example, is accidentally deleted by Google, has passed, we must not forget.

Gmvault is also a free service, a very interesting fact to consider.

When Gmvault download the installer, the process is very simple and follow the basic guidelines (at least in Windows, remember that this program is also available on Mac and Linux, and yet it is not difficult to install). When we installed it we are giving certain user permissions, something important to keep in mind especially if we are concerned about the safety or receive an alert on your computer. We will create a shortcut on the desktop where we can access it, and also be available in the program list in the Start menu.

Here begins the tricky part, where a user who is not used to having to enter commands may become frightened. But fear not, it’s actually very simple. When asked Gmvault run in DOS dialog box will have to enter the code gmvault-h. To continue using it, we have to use IMAP enabled in your Gmail account. The process for Mac is a bit different, but luckily in Gmvault page we can find very detailed instructions on how to do the same for Linux.

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