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Posted by on Oct 1, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

GoodReads, the network for book lovers

GoodReads, the network for book lovers

Although it seems impossible to get on with our life analog digital presence is not too difficult. Social networks, for example, we continuously provide our task. We have meeting points for most of our hobbies. So the world of reading is no stranger to the Internet and community formation. A few days ago we told you about Lendle , a way of ordering online other users, and today we will discuss GoodReads , one of the largest communities in internet readers.

Launched as the private project of a freelance programmer in 2006, ran for a while without formal funding until a year later when he received a relatively modest investment. Two years ago the API is open to developers, to use their ratings and their database of books, so it is also a good source of information for similar projects. In 2011, GoodReads premiered one of most interesting features, the recommendations of books, which delve into later.

As for numbers, GoodReads has 10 million members and 20 million monthly visits, with loyal users and to a community of authors who use the platform to make updates on their current jobs. For us as users, the added value is in the ability to discover new titles and buy them easily through well placed links that lead to higher internet digital shops, where you can purchase the books depending on our location and format we want to download. We will now describe the most interesting features of GoodReads.

The Community

One of the most interesting has to offer GoodReads is precisely the ability to connect with other fans of reading around the world, access to their libraries, their personal recommendations, and more. We can also connect with authors present at GoodReads (which are many). Although it does not meet all the requirements to be called a social network, this platform has a large community of users who are responsible for keeping everything well updated.

Many of the comments that are present in the GoodReads titles are the same as on Amazon, but sometimes we find some gems. Read reviews of the users who are in the bottom of the “profile” of a book, easier to find on Amazon or on other platforms-will help us discern whether we really want to read a book or not. We also help you find other users with our same tastes.

Users can also create collections, libraries and even book clubs according to different themes. Thus when we enter a title can view similar books according to the categorization labels through which runs GoodReads. We can also see other users’ shared libraries to which the book belongs, and continue to discover other similar titles. Again, the community is one of the most important aspects that has GoodReads.


One of the most interesting features is its engine GoodReads recommendations. To get recommendations, we must be active users on the platform, and given a ranking of 20 books. With an idea of our tastes, GoodReads can then recommending other books according to our preferences and the preferences of the users who have also read the same books as us. In this sense, it is a fairly basic algorithm that we should not create problems.

Reaching the 20 books may seem somewhat complicated, but surely if we’re interested in joining a platform of this style is that, throughout our lives, we have read more than 20 books. Add titles to our profile is very simple and we can synchronize with Facebook for our friends know as well as our recent readings.

I have read several complaints about the inaccuracy GoodReads recommendations, but in my case I always hitherto been suggested that minimally titles have something to do with my reading. Now if we are very eclectic with our tastes, it is obvious that the algorithm will have more trouble determining what our tastes. It’s something to keep in mind before criticizing, because we have a special treat, for example, adventure novels, but have classified a large majority of crime novels. So our recommendations are based.

The catalog

The catalog is huge and almost GoodReads can find any book ever published, with a link to all digital stores they have it for sale. Users can add up books that are not in the database, which is also a good opportunity for authors to upload their own books and readers come with almost no use intermediaries and without the use of advertising in other media . From what we can see, GoodReads is sustained through advertising, which is located on the sidebar, and not at all annoying.

In order to sustain such a large community like GoodReads, you obviously have to have a catalog that is well organized. In this also have to give credit to the users, who are responsible for collecting these books in their libraries and allow for better system performance and recommendations of genres. Thus we can find different collections with similar books in which we can find recommendations.

Ultimately, GoodReads is the discovery of what books Spotify or is to music discovery. Some titles have a special access to the entire PDF or some chapters, a sample of what we will get if we buy it. Growing slowly but surely, GoodReads has become the place to be if we are avid readers with an active digital life.

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