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Google adds support for CardDAV Contacts

Google adds support for CardDAV Contacts

Maintaining good management of our address book is a task that many tend to neglect and which, however, in many areas is a major task facing maintain a list of current customers or suppliers. If we are not careful to manage our contacts, it is very possible that we have in our mailer a set of contacts with incomplete data (perhaps at best name and email address), automatically stored contacts but unclassified, an agenda with phone numbers on our smartphone and perhaps a good number of contacts in your Google account (either on a personal or professional Google Apps).

This welter of contacts scattered across multiple sources which probably have the coordinates of contact of a person spread between various books (our desktop computer, your smartphone and your Gmail account), can be avoided if we take time to unify under a single contact tab (as complete as possible) and share this agenda which device we use, so that any changes we made from one of our terminals is reflected in the rest.

At the corporate level solutions exist as SOGo or Microsoft Exchange , to cite two examples, with whom we maintain a shared address book network (like we can share the calendar) but the Google guys we also offer this possibility through and, to make us easier interoperability with all types of customers and following in the footsteps of Google Calendar, Google Contacts just include support for CardDAV .

CardDAV is a protocol for exchanging contact schedules based on the format vCard is used in multiple email clients. With the inclusion of this protocol, we can access our contacts in Google Contacts from any terminal or client that supports this protocol, synchronize data and send or receive updates transparently, while maintaining our address book synchronized and thus sharing the same information on all our terminals.

And how can we benefit? If you have an iOS device (from iOS 5 which is what supports over SSL) can wirelessly dump the address book from Google Contacts, make changes or updates from a very comfortable and keeping all our devices synchronized. To do this, all you have to do is access the terminal settings, enter “mail, calendars and contacts” and add a CardDAV account (where the service url will post as and our access credentials our Google account).

A simple configuration that will not be an excuse not to maintain a unified management of our contacts.

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