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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Tablets |

Google and Samsung tablet would work on a powerful 10 “

Certainly there are many rumors that have dreamed about what mobile devices will be the next Nexus family of Google that supposedly will be presenting later this month. There is talk of a new version of the tablet Nexus 7 with 32 GB storage which already slipped into the hands of a lucky Japanese user , and also the arrival of a new Nexus smartphone manufactured by LG that even a few hours ago leaked images . However, the rumor of a new device goes off in the media.

According to insiders in Mountain View who have contacted CNET , Google and would be working together to launch a “super-tablet” with 10-inch screen, designed to rival the iPad.

While covers the market is booming, that of 7-inch tablets with high performance but low price, where it competes with rivals such as Kindle Fire HD , Nook HD+ and soon compete with the iPad Mini , still missing a ship Star with Android operating system you want to stand up to the third generation iPad in the branch of the tablets with screens of 9 or more inches.

Well Google and Samsung again unite to produce a “Nexus 10″ (as it is called so far unofficially) which have one of the new screens that Koreans have developed, with resolution of 2560×1600 pixel density of 299 ppi, being well above the density of 264 ppi that has the screen “Retina Display” of the new iPad.

Finally, the price would be in the range of 300 to $ 400, still well cheaper than Apple’s successful tablet.

Certainly far are just rumors, but no one would expect that the plan also search directly compete with a product “Nexus” in the field that Apple has dominated since the launch of the first iPad.

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