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Posted by on Sep 21, 2012 in Internet |

Google closes its music service in China

Google closes its music service in China

As shown in a post by the company in China, Google has decided to shelve its music download service in the country from October, a move which it says the giant had been thoughtful during the past three years.

Users now have until October 19 to download their playlists stored on the service. How? From explains that users who access will be automatically redirected to the Data Export page.

Launched in 2009, Google Music Search was meant to be a competitor to download music on the network that would address Baidu. Already in 2010 began the first giant’s dispute with the country. Google announced that it was willing to comply with Chinese laws and censoring its search system in the Chinese market.

The result was that the company ended up moving to Hong Kong since seeing how its market gradually decreased while Baidu strengthened came after an agreement with the major labels.

Google explains:

The impact of this product has not been as high as expected, so we decided to divert our resources to other products.

With Google out of orbit in the music market in the network in the country, the government reinforced its own power. And is that operates under a closed ecosystem increasingly in the national company must comply with local laws, in other words, should censor everything that the government creates “sensitive.”

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