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Posted by on Nov 5, 2012 in Gadgets |

Google confirms it bought Motorola just for its patents

Google confirms it bought Motorola just for its patents

Last week, Google introduced the Nexus 4, its new flagship smartphone star and Andorid operating system, would come in the company of a new version of the platform, the 4.2 Jelly Bean, in addition to the highest performance for an incredible price of just $ 299 / EUR. However, the announcement that LG is responsible for the manufacture of this terminal, many wonder: Why does not Motorola manufactured?.

As the newspaper’s tech blog The New York Times has made an important interview with John Lagerling, who is Director of Business Development for Android, where explains the reasons for choosing other manufacturer in the production of the new phone and the new tablet Nexus 10 , plus one of the greatest doubts about this company since last year, his intentions with Motorola after its acquisition.

We must remember that last year Google took for a millionaire, and until now it was thought that the company would become a seeker’s hardware division, to create your own mobile under the Nexus family. This ultimately not, since according Lagerling Google bought Motorola for its patents, a catalog of more than 17,000 who have registered over the years, with which to defend Android and other manufacturers if their demands rivals in the market, which undoubtedly include Apple and Microsoft.

This means that Motorola will operate virtually as a separate company, a division of Google but with its own strategy. In fact, the executive says that Motorola is not special among the other manufacturers, but if they want to opt for the possibility of making a next Nexus, will be subject to the same standards and will be required to the same requirements as Samsung, HTC , LG, Sony or any other, something that certainly will bring peace to other manufacturers of Android handsets.

Google confirms it bought Motorola just for its patents image 2

Finally, Lagerling comments that launched the Nexus 4 to as low to demonstrate that it is possible to sell the latest technology in the world of mobile for the lowest cost, which they hope will impact the market, and it appears that succeed.

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