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Posted by on Oct 2, 2012 in Gadgets |

Google could launch a new Nexus this month

Google could launch a new Nexus this month

For several weeks there has been talk about Google’s interest in launching a new terminal of the Nexus family, that while this family a few months ago as a new member received a Nexus 7 , this is a tablet, so logic dictates that the next release would be a smartphone. Although already heard the first rumors of the next Nexus , and today thanks to a leak in a web portal is talk that Google would launch this month of October.

About this terminal is said to be manufactured by one of the two partners in the world of Android phones, either LG or Samsung, although the latter name sounds a lot harder. Google’s next smartphone would be called Galaxy Google Plus and would be the GT-i9260 as earlier alleged leaks ..

Of course none of these speculations have been confirmed, but there are two very important points that deal about it, one that gives strength to the rumor and one that partly weakens him or speaks of a risky strategy for the Mountain View.

First, the latest mobile Nexus was born Nexuss Galaxy was launched in late 2011 with the release of 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and manufactured by Samsung. Having spent a year since the last smartphone of the seeker is logical that we would soon see another being presented, following the trend of one launch every 11 or 12 months (as well as the Nexus S in late 2010).

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The second point has to do directly with Android as a new Nexus has always meant a new version of the android operating system green, but considering that the version 4.1 (Jelly Bean) does not have 6 months of being filed and launched a new version of the platform complicate matters further fragment the market and due to neglect of the manufacturers to update. However, on this point it is mentioned that come with Android 4.2, an “update media” OS, ie, an evolution of the platform.

Something that catches my attention is the wonder why nobody mentions as manufacturer Motorola next Nexus, is now being mobile hardware branch of the search engine. The answer could be as simple as wanting to focus on their Moto most recent releases and not take these new RAZR role, or who knows what other reason, the fact is that it is rather curious.

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