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Posted by on Oct 13, 2012 in Internet |

Google Dictionary, a dictionary in Chrome

Google Dictionary, a dictionary in Chrome

The comprehensive portfolio of services that Google offers its credit account with services like search, Gmail, Google Maps or Google Translate that have great depth between users and accompany us practically daily. Led by Google Translate , the guys from Mountain View launched an online called Google Dictionary which ended up being a product itself, and in August last year, was removed and integrated into the browser (using the operator define: ). With definitions and could get word translations (using Google Translate), something we can tralasdar to thanks to an extension .

Google Chrome offers the possibility of complete pages translate into our language (using Google Translate services), a feature very comfortable but does not allow us, for example, to implement our knowledge and test our level of understanding of a text is written in a language other than ours. If you like to read blogs or online newspapers in other languages, we might have run into some specific word from which we know the significance and finished by opening a new browser tab to use Google Translate to find the meaning or have used other services like .

By extending Google Dictionary Chrome install in a dictionary that will always have available and that, in the case of finding a word that does not translate know, all you have to do is select it and click on the extension to display in a small window which means.

Google Dictionary, a dictionary in Chrome image 2

That simple and, in my opinion, so useful because of all that we have to set our language is to tell Google the language you want Google to translate the words that we find. If it is a phrase which we resist, selecting it and clicking on the extension also get the translation in our language. Also, if you double click on a word, a small window with the translation, the definition in our language, and even we can hear the word pronounced in their original language (very useful features if we are studying a language).

Personally, I find this extension very useful when reading information in the languages I am studying (English and French).

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