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Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in Web 2.0 |

Google Docs Drive evolves into multiple Google Apps

Google Docs Drive evolves into multiple Google Apps

After circulating for quite some time, countless rumors about storage service in the cloud that Google was preparing, is presented in partnership in April as an heir to the storage space we had in office suite and relegating Google’s cloud office applications themselves, ie, Spreadsheets, Presentations and Documents, in fact, users of Chrome (and Chromebooks) noted that the pitcher became Google Docs Google Drive. Six months have elapsed since this change, Google has returned to give a twist to Google Docs and has launched separate applications for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations as well as expanding the port-folio with new ones.

Through a discrete publication in Google+ , the Google team has communicated Drive launching separate applications for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations, thus broadening the ecosystem of Google Drive (which also has specific application for Chrome ) with a family of seven applications that expands its office suite offering more options to users (which, of course, continue to use Google Drive as your document repository).

The Drive Google Apps we already have available are:

  • Docs Documents takes the witness for editing documents online and also know the functions of collaborative editing, discussion or chat notifications with the changes, the application allows offline editing and, of course, the Documents are stored in our Google Drive space (being able return from any location or computer).
  • Slides Presentations is changing, ie the presentation editor that was available in Google Docs and that, among other things, offers “auto save” the changes, a varied set of effects and transitions well as collaborative editing, the notifications and storage changes in Google Drive.

Google Docs Drive evolves into multiple Google Apps image 2

  • Sheets is the heir of Spreadsheets and offers us a complete spreadsheet where we can use PivotTables (already available in Google Docs), ability to import files in excel format or in open formats, and how could it be otherwise Thus, the integration with Google Drive.
  • Drawings is an application with which we can create flow charts, diagrams or any type of drawing for insertion later in any of our documents.
  • Google Apps Script is an application that lets you use scripts to automate Javascript performed tasks between different Google services or third parties who rely on their services, for example, Google Drive and build our own IFTTT.
  • Forms is an application with which we can create, easily, using Google Docs forms and, after installation, leaves us much closer this utility (a mouse click).
  • Fusion Tables is an experimental service that enables you to perform a small scale, combinations of data in the style of Big Data, performing advanced analysis of our data with those from other sources that are available online (generating maps or large leaves data).

What we gain by installing these applications in our browser? What this unbundling of services? The change of name of the storage space that gave us Google, Google Docs a Google Drive, dispersed some actions that allow us to create new documents by highlighting more options related to files that we have stored. With this family of Chrome Apps, Google makes it easy for users of Chrome (and soon to users of Chromebooks) services locate your office suite, providing a shortcut that, at bottom, the browser even closer to This new paradigm in the cloud desktop that Chrome has become thanks to these applications.

Particularly, this change (except for the added functionality is not extremely substantial) seems very interesting and is another step in the adoption of Drive and ecosystem of applications and services that has grown around this service storage in the case of office automation and productivity, has a number of applications (as Gantter or Diagramly ) we can greatly facilitate the work from any location or device (because our jobs are in Drive).

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