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Posted by on Oct 28, 2012 in Curiosities |

Google employee lost prototype Nexus 4

Google employee lost prototype Nexus 4

One of the most anticipated devices for the next event of Google ‘s next Nexus model, known as Nexus 4. The same as an of itself lost more than a month ago in a bar in San Francisco.

According Account The Verge , was a waiter at the pub Club 500, Jamin Barton, who found a lost smartphone in September. Without a SIM card to facilitate the return to its owner, was intrigued by a sticker on the back of the terminal that warned that it was for sale, next to the Google logo.

A Day in Tech friend, who referred to as Dave, we warned that it was most likely a prototype of the next Nexus model, after which they decided to contact Google. And Wired , which has revealed the full story, explains that responded with threats of exposure to what could be considered a crime. Brian Katz, Manager of Global Research and Intelligence Manager Google, was the one who came to warn that the Palo Alto company could get to file criminal charges against those who found the terminal. Finally, the company picked up the terminal forgotten September 20, offering a free smartphone Barton exchange for silence. Weeks later, he and other products to present would finally filtered .

Apple already went through something similar in 2010 when, months before his presentation, an employee lost a prototype of the iPhone 4 . Stories that go around the world in minutes and eventually form part of Internet history.

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