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Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Internet and Networking |

Google include GMail, Calendar and Drive in your results

Google include GMail, Calendar and Drive in your results

The “giant Internet search,” Google does not stop when it comes to improving its popular web services, especially to the search engine that has given him fame and success it currently has. The next news that have started to include on this platform is more than interesting, always looking to offer us, the users, the best and most accurate results possible. This time, Google has begun to include results of emails from GMail, Drive files, and even Google+ posts or reminders for Calendar events, all this when searching for something on .

This certainly achieved that when you find something, we have a lot more personalized results (of course, while we logged into our Google account). The idea of the Mountain View is in the future also include results on YouTube, and even Google Reader Google Play Store, but say that this lack and to be much more polished system searches because if you fail to appear endless meaningless results in our searches.

This new feature as well as allowing search information on all services offered by the “Big G” also allow those who use many Google services every moment in our daily life, power search for emails or files you know we have in these platforms, right from the search bar without access each application. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that this feature will also come to Android via Google Now, but for this if a long time.

Unfortunately, we can not prove any of this function , since by now been enabled only for English-speaking users. But they claim that in a few weeks or a couple of months will gradually coming to the world. We look.

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