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Posted by on Oct 16, 2012 in Technology |

Google integrates its search engine, Gmail and Google Drive in an experiment

Google integrates its search engine, Gmail and Google Drive in an experiment

Yesterday we spend a few minutes talking about and the new privacy policy which came into force on March 1, new terms under a single umbrella reunificaban conditions of Google services and as derivative, gave rise to treatment unified model our data within a single service that Google is building. liked This change within the European Union or its member countries from the beginning and in the end, Google has finished sending him a letter requesting some changes and pretending recommendations. We do not know if Google will respond to the European Union and whether its recommendations will ignore but what we see is that these plans service integration and data unified treatment go ahead because last night we showed integration between Google Drive, Gmail and the form that precisely follows this path.

Some months ago Google launched an “experiment” in which integrated our Google Calendar appointments and the documents we have stored in Google Drive with your browser and the search. Put another way, if we joined this experiment, Google was going to offer within Search results matching our calendar or our Google Drive space, thus introducing totally personal results. Following this trend, Google last night gave a new twist to this experience “unified” your services adding autocomplete functionality in the search results show the ability of our messages in Gmail (Gmail logical) and coincidences documents stored in Google Drive, contacts or appointments in Calendar (and in the integration of search and Gmail Drive in the results).

Using this new functionality is voluntary and must be part of the pilot that Google has deployed and therefore the user’s explicit consent (which incidentally is one of the details that the European Union was quoted as saying in his letter). Google’s idea is to enrich our searches with all kinds of information from different sources and, long ago us his commercial flight search and the +1 button began to show a social component in search results unseen (something like a seal of quality that invited us to enter a link because an acquaintance had marked Google’s equivalent to “like”) but, this time, Google uses our personal information and reverts into something we considered more or less public: the search engine.

Given that our emails were already processed by the Gmail search or our documents in Google Drive, this step really should not be surprised because it is in line with the new policy of Google to see all its services as a whole than information can flow from one service to another.

Google integrates its search engine, Gmail and Google Drive in an experiment image 2

Personally, this service does not surprise me much and I do not wonder that after a reasonable time was a new feature that Google extended to everyone but are we ready for this type of integration? Did not realize we collide all the information and kitchen kneading Google about us? Surely the regulatory data protection have something to say but, really, Google is using information already but was stored in silos and we ourselves have been turning.

At first glance it does not seem a bad integration, in fact I think they can win enough searches and surprise us with things we have stored (emails, attachments, Google Drive) and they had lost their sight. What about you? What do you think this integration between the browser and your data and personal files?

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