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Posted by on Nov 28, 2012 in Intellectual Property, Internet |

Google launches campaign in Germany against copyright restrictions set

Titled Defend your Net , has released a few hours a campaign to sensitize all users in the country . A movement with trying to do to reach the greatest number of people coming around copyright restrictions mean that German users will have difficulty finding the information they seek.

This is a site created to educate and mobilize citizens. For Google, the problem is about to happen in will lead to a change in the current digital map. If the German government has just approved the proposal, the giant could be forced to remove the editorial content or pay for the code snippets that show the news in search results.

In the web created, Google suggests that as written the bill, would be a loss to the economy itself, a threat to the diversity of information and a great legal uncertainty. According to giant, a throwback to the digital media innovation towards copyright.

And this week is being debated in the German parliament a new section to the Copyright Act German. If introduced, would provide the communication materials producer the exclusive right to put (or not) to the public such materials for commercial purposes. The new section explains that publishers can reach agreements with service providers so they can add content, in any case, only the editors have the right to control the commercial exploitation of their work.

Put another way, if Google wants to add links to copyrighted content, shall pay or removal. The giant and argues that publishers now have the tools at your disposal to choose to be out of the search results and that does not benefit from this content because Google News is a completely free advertising.

With Net Defend your Google urges users to fill out a form to inform the company about its assessment of the proposed changes. It also displays a page where visitors can find local members of Parliament to express their opposition to the new law.

Search Both Google News as currently directed four billion visits to publishers worldwide, equivalent to about 100,000 clicks per minute.

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