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Posted by on Dec 6, 2012 in News |

Google launches “Communities” for Google+

The giant Internet search, Google, introduced and launched today for a new feature to its Google+ social network, which are called communities, and that is a way to respond to the Facebook groups, its main rival.

It is not unknown that tries to agree to Google+ in any way, either “integrating” with any other of its popular applications ( Gmail , YouTube, Google Play, Calendar, etc.) or adding new features that are appealing to the public. Certainly “Communities” is attractive by allowing people to create groups with a common goal.

Like Facebook groups, Google+ Communities allows users to open a space where you meet people with a common interest to talk about, comment, share ideas, pictures, and even organize events through integration with Hangouts this network, we can group video conferencing with other members of this group, and certainly the latter is a great feature.

Furthermore, when we choose to create it if we want public or private groups, and of course in the new section of “Communities” is a search bar so you do not necessarily have to create a new community, but look for some existing our point of interest and join it (in the case of private, we can only join by invitation).

Google is aware of that as time goes on social networks become more and more important and relevant in the online market, and this being the main world, you want to give everything that Google+ is a success. Today have revealed numbers ensuring platform users are already more than 500 million people who have joined the network, however, only about 235 million people are active users, which could mean that share via Google+, using their Hangouts (which will soon have a new rival ) or simply click on the +1 buttons that are located in many websites.

Communities will be activating Google+ gradually to all users in the world from today. If you have not yet activated, just wait a day or two.

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