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Posted by on Dec 13, 2012 in Apple, Software |

Google Maps for iOS now available

Google Maps for iOS now available

What a surprise Google has given us, for without prior notice and when it seemed it would take a long time to become a reality, has released version of for iOS. Finally, something long awaited by millions of users of iDevices in the world, considering that Apple withdrew the native Google Maps application for its mobile operating system, arriving 6 and thereby bring a controversial own mapping application white apple.

Google promised it would come an official app of your maps via iOS App Store, and today it has completed and after the YouTube native app disappeared from iOS 6, launched an official app. But Google Maps does not only come to iOS, but that will be better than ever with new features, supports most devices on the market, and improvements were ever in the native version.

Perhaps most highlight in the new Google Maps for iOS is that it incorporates voice navigation directions that tells us we must take to reach our destination. Also, it is now possible to synchronize the maps of our computer with the application, simply log in to a Google account (Gmail, for example).

And how could it be otherwise, also incorporates Street View, a feature that allows you to view 360 degree images of many streets, avenues and highways in the U.S., Europe and parts of Asia and Oceania, plus the ability to see into over one hundred thousand buildings around the world (amount is slowly growing). To conclude, we have published the SDK for Google Maps, so that developers can incorporate maps into their applications Mountain View.

Apple Maps has been the subject of many reviews by both users of iPhone and iPad as by the press and many specialists in the world, is that although it is understood that it is a new product and have released their first version with iOS 6, partly not understood the radical decision to eliminate one Google product itself does not offer the same quality at this point, and cause discomfort for many people who use their mobile devices.

This is not to sound too harsh, as I’m sure the with its many new features as seen in satellite images and panoramas of many cities (Flyover mode), it will be a very good product, especially if we remember that Apple is perfectionist . But now the product is not one hundred percent, and has therefore been widely criticized, so therefore responsible for these maps was fired from the Cupertino giant .

Google Maps comes to iOS as a finished product, and promising to provide a solution to those users who miss iDevices native application eradicated after iOS 5.1. And if you still want more options, we must remember that in addition to this new application, App Store soon reach Nokia Here , Finns alternative to Apple and Google maps which also looks very attractive.

Free Download: Google Maps in App Store .

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