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Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in Software |

Google Maps for iOS would already be in its final phase of development

Google Maps for iOS would already be in its final phase of development

One of the negatives for those who remember the launch of 6 is, without doubt, the Maps application ended replacing Google Maps on devices like the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Compared with Google Maps, maps have proven to be far behind the level expected by the users and, at the end, Tim Cook himself published an apology (which ended up costing him say the job to Scott Forstall because although was responsible for iOS, refused to sign the letter of apology). The output of iOS 6, and gaps in the maps of Apple, has made the Mountain View enhance their version of mobile web service in addition to preparing a specific version for iOS, it seems, is almost List .

That Google walked preparing a version of Google Maps for iOS was something we already knew (in fact, not long ago leaked some images ) and, according to information published by the Wall Street Journal , the project is already well advanced, particularly in its finals where they would be putting the finishing touches in a pilot program with select users outside Google.

Apparently, Google Maps for iOS include a browser, a detail that was not included in previous versions and that, surely, quite like users of Apple mobile devices. However, in this area of the maps, which is becoming more competitive (remember that Nokia has launched Nokia Here ), Google has listed its implementation means a significant threat to Apple, of course, is responsible for approving the application before publication in the App Store.

Precisely, this dependence is what Apple suggests to analysts that perhaps Google’s effort may be futile because it could be the possibility that Cupertino does not approve the application and publish it. As is well known, before an application is published in the App Store, Apple applications subject to review and assess whether they are suitable or not for distribution through its platform and, of course, in this type of process can subjectivity play an important role.

Apple maps, in my opinion, are still some way to go to give direct competition to Google Maps, so the publication of Google Maps for iOS would leave them in a very complicated situation (and in clear competitive disadvantage).? What is then the fate of Google Maps for iOS? Will he see the light? Hope so, because, for now, is one of the best solutions we can find and put this barrier to entry in the medium term, it may be counterproductive because Google could improve further (offering new services) their mobile web version.

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