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Posted by on Sep 21, 2012 in Apple, Software |

Google Maps on track to reach 6 via iOS App Store

Google Maps on track to reach 6 via iOS App Store

It’s no secret that the relationship between Google and Apple is more than just a little run down, due to fighting in the market with its Android and iOS mobile platforms, so there have been dozens of lawsuits and other consequences, such as the fact Cupertino that do not want to rely more on Google’s online services and have begun to discard their software releases. This is the case of native applications and YouTube that were removed from the new iOS version 6.0.

In the case of Google Maps, was supplanted by a mapping application which Apple itself has only to be criticized because of its minimal support for most areas in the world compared to that of Google, so both have emerged several ways to survive the iOS 6 maps using alternative methods, is that for example in Latin America, mapping 90% of the continent is nonexistent.

The lack of a native YouTube and was met with the official launch of an application through the App Store. But since yesterday with the arrival of iOS 6 to the public, Google Maps has disappeared. However, according to the most recent reports , we would be about to see it again in our iDevices.

And according to the British newspaper The Guardian , have become official information from Mountain View that ensures that Google has already submitted the application supports iOS Maps 6 to Apple and is waiting for approval to be published in the App Store, a spectacular news, especially for those who feel desperate to find a location in Maps and we find an image like below (Map of iOS 6 to the right, left Google Maps):

Google Maps on track to reach 6 via iOS App Store image 2

It is unknown when Google Maps is available in Apple’s App Store, as this depends solely of Cupertino, who could put all the “buts” needed to take a while to arrive, but the source of this information will arrive in before Christmas.

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