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Posted by on Dec 13, 2012 in Software |

Google Maps returns to iOS

Google Maps returns to iOS

After the monumental failure that resulted maps , settlement attempts, the potential approval (or not) by the Cupertino of Google maps, in a few hours of can be downloaded from the App Store of iTunes.

Apple has finally approved the application for excellence and this seems to have come with all the features, including voice guided direction that Google has built for Android but initially refused to add to the application of . So are the specifications that we can find from iTunes:

Explore the world with Google Maps, now available for iPhone. Get maps detailed, accurate and easy to use with Google search feature local, voice guided step by step navigation, public transport, with Street View and more. Use Google Maps to find good places to eat, drink, shop and play, with ratings and comments from people you trust. Sign in to save your favorite places and quick access to all your previous searches and addresses of the computer, right on your phone.

* Find addresses, places and businesses around the globe with Google Local Search.
* Find places to eat, drink, shop and play, with local ratings and comments.
* Login to synchronize their searches, addresses and favorite places between computer and phone.

* Get voice guidance step by step driving instructions.
* Find your way by train, bus, subway or on foot.
* Access the live traffic information in cities around the world.

Street View images
* View 360 degree panoramas of places around the world with Street View.
* See inside for more than 100,000 companies worldwide.
* View images of high resolution satellite locations worldwide.

Simple and easy to use
* A whole new experience with Google Maps on your iPhone.
* New interface design optimized for even easier navigation of your world.
* Use gestures to pan the map and search results.

Google Maps returns to iOS image 2

Basically, and as we can see from the features, Google has launched an application with all the current features of Maps, including the ability to access the “inside” of 100,000 companies, turn-by-turn navigation, integrated Street View and 3D views Google Earth along with a number of extras that make the app for excellence for mapping applications.

Not only that, it is said from the developer blog giant Google is launching a development kit (SDK) for iOS mapping, allowing developers to directly access the full functionality of Google Maps. According to Google account:

The characteristics of the SDK are vector-based maps that load quickly, allowing users to easily navigate in 2D and 3D views and the rotation and tilt with simple gestures map within your application. Developers can also change the view of Google maps when the state include information such as traffic control and camera positions in 3D. Access to the API key is being progressive and extended to developers who wish .

The reality is that Google Maps comes months after the release of iOS 6 in autumn, when Apple replaced the default application for its own giant’s mapping system.

As most know, the Apple app came riddled with errors, most certainly embarrassing for the company, as searches were right not to clearly define what the user required in the search. A situation that led to the public apology of Tim Cook , certainly something unusual.

Along with the apology, Apple said they would work to improve every aspect of your application while launching removed the slogan, a phrase that spoke of Maps as “the most powerful mapping service of the story.” Not only that, Apple began promoting the use of other mapping systems as applications from the App Store. Finally Scott Forstall, head of iOS software, and Richard Williamson, in charge of the maps in iOS, left the company.

Either way, the return of Google maps is a very great news for all iOS users. Firstly because it is the most accurate application of few currently exist. Comes with news about the previous version and we can see how Google has worked hard putting it in the same position that the version of Android.

Little more to say and recommend from here an application with years ahead of the rest. Apple has given the green light and returns to iOS App more efficient and stable than many on the market.

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