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Posted by on Sep 11, 2012 in Software |

Google Mobile Drive receives major update

Google Drive, formerly known as Google Docs, just received a major update from Google in mobile clients for and iOS. is one of those applications that are gradually becoming indispensable, especially for the fact that it can be used on all major operating systems and desktop phones.

This update allows you to edit documents directly on the iPad and iPhone, as well as allowing display issues other people do in the event that our document is shared and remote collaborative work we are doing. This is a very interesting feature, because every day we see that mobile applications are more like the desktop, allowing us to work in a simple, easy and cloud sync. However, there is a need for permanent connection to the network because we can edit documents offline with just enable the option.

In this new version, we can also view presentations, including presenter notes (a very useful feature that not everyone knows). Additionally, Android users have available and the ability to view and comment on documents that have shared or have given us access to our friends or colleagues, something vital when several people work on the same document. This last feature will be available to users of in the near future.

Finally, Google promises that all these changes will soon be available for users of spreadsheets.

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