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Posted by on Dec 20, 2012 in Software, Technology |

Google Now, the key to the future of Google

Google Now, the key to the future of Google

Now Google is one of the revelations of 2012. Not surprisingly, last November won the Innovation Award of the Year . For those who still do not know what it is, is the personal assistant of Google smartphones and tablets that have Jelly Bean version 4.1 or higher. And that really has managed to increase the value of this operating system.

In October 2011, in the same event which launched the iPhone 4S , Apple introduced Siri, the voice assistant. Initially managed to impress the world of technology, but competition soon put the batteries in and out to pass, more harm than good. got it right, and did it with Google Now. His achievement was to not seek a rival, as all competitors who often end making a mediocre product and ultimately worse than they wanted to aspire to shadow. Google could see beyond, knew how to integrate into your system a wizard 24 / 7, not just a voice recognition software capable of providing answers to almost all questions, compliments and grudges with which users were testing Siri.

The expected result would be a launchpad application on Android. Not so. Google got deeper integration into the system, and implemented it directly from its search engine, and the record of the most repeated of the user to provide the most relevant information. It also makes use of the location and calendar events to see where we are at all times and give us the information we need. For example, giving the optimal combination of public transport to get home automatically.

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Now Google uses specialized cards that display information of all kinds: birthday day appointments and events, movies, traffic density, shares, concerts, tickets to events management, translations, breaking news, flights, points of interest when we travel … And especially seamless integration with all it offers Gmail. Even the time we have left to get home on the basis of our position, the route to be followed by public transport or traffic on the road we have left. Like having a secretarial service in the pocket.

All this, when Google has neither Now six months old, so it impresses even think what it will be in the future. In this sense, gained much fame the Reddit post that talked about the possibilities that could offer this service over time. Indeed, this may be the way forward from Mountain View.

When I thought about the possibilities of NFC , thought especially in automating certain aspects in our daily relationship with the smartphone. In profile changes depending on where we are thanks to the smart-tags. With them, Google would have a perfect partner Now. For example, to identify whether we are at home, in the car, or at work, and change them around our screen, or play a certain playlist on Spotify, besides most basic uses like putting the phone on silent, turn off the vibration , etc.

No NFC, continue to have a bright future, which would especially by the use of the location. In the Reddit thread mentioned talked about issues that would bring together in a single service multiple individual applications that continue to be a nuisance, and other new uses. For example, a list of reminders when we go to the mall to buy, which is displayed on the screen when we get to it. The record of where we parked the car to take him to back up, especially useful in large parking lots. Save discount coupons to use in case the style passbook . In this line, access to the movies with entries in it, or pay the bus ticket to get home.

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An application that has enamored me is Evernote , which I use as the second brain that advertise their creators. If Google unify this application, or a new one with the same performance, with Google Now, the result could be tremendous. A library of our life where we quickly see any data in any time, which leave any information we consider relevant for the future, and where all our ideas and organize resources for projects. And it also shows us the information we need, based on the time, location, and pattern of use we.

For now, we are aware of the desire to bring the big G Google Now the Chrome browser , which would not have the same meaning as in a mobile device, so it is normal to think of an adaptation to the needs that we have in a computer. No wonder that Google will expand Now, service is very young, but with a promising present. In my opinion, the future of Google Now is one of the protagonists of technology.

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