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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Technology |

Google, one of the companies biggest spender on lobbying

Google, one of the companies biggest spender on lobbying

Within the “ecosystem” American politician, plus congressmen, senators and other politicians by profession, we can find lobbies or pressure groups, some organizations working to influence (and pressure) on the authorities to get decisions and beneficial laws and interest groups they represent. Environmental organizations, trade unions, industry groups or industry copyrights are examples of pressure groups that can be found in Washington DC (although starting to be in Brussels to the European Union), and although it may seem a practice something dated, it is also something that use large technology companies. Speaking of Google, in many cases, is to talk about big numbers and record numbers, something that seems to also repeated in the case of funding lobbyists since, so far this year, the Mountain View company has invested more than $9 million .

While is not the entity that has invested more money this year on lobbyists (first place is held by the Chamber of Commerce of the United States with over 55 million dollars ), the Mountain View flaunt this seventh classification, the latter being in the technology sector after the 10 million employed by AT & T. If we add to this amount the more than $4 million spent thinking in this last quarter of the year, Google closed 2012 with U.S. $13.13 million employees in “political activity”.

And what translates this policy activiad? Is it a way around the famous Do not be evil? Maybe we can hit these practices in technology companies but within American politics, are something more normal (and now that we are on the campaign trail for the November presidential). A few months ago we mentioned that Google had joined Facebook, eBay and Amazon had joined to form a group that had intended to fight for a free and open network and see politicians making laws like SOPA that are meaningless and are a backwardness.

Precisely, in the fight against SOPA, said that Google came to employ just over $ 5 million in funding and lobbying, the truth is that the investment will round out the withdrawal of the bill .

There is a saying attributed to President Kennedy that explains very well the operation, or at least the goal of lobbyists and their influence within the political apparatus of the United States:

Lobbyists make me understand a problem in 10 minutes while my staff take three days

And, really, seeing some of the decisions that have been taken around the Internet (ACTA, SOPA, etc), it does not hurt that there is some pressure group affinity Internet to try to counter the industry lobbies archaic content . In any case, it’s worth taking a look at the quantities used by businesses and organizations in the U.S. in this type of activity because, in my opinion, there are figures that give quite dizzy.

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