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Posted by on Dec 13, 2012 in Technology |

Google plans to expand its fiber optics, faster U.S.

Google plans to expand its fiber optics, faster U.S.

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, has announced plans to become a good business its fiber optic network. Chose not to inform any one time, he did hours after NetFlix cataloged optical fiber as the fastest U.S..

Obviously not up to speed record of 339 Gbps , but fiber optic Google is the fastest connection in the U.S.. So says Netflix, who has produced a ranking of ISPs in the U.S. based on data transfer speed offered. Arguments have to run for a good scale: reliable information collected over 1 million hours of viewing movies and their service, which come from its portfolio of 30 million members.

In this context, Schmidt used his presence in The New York Times DealBook Conference to discuss the plans with respect to Google fiber . Although currently this service is only available in Kansas City, is in the mind of Google expand this business, you do not see as a mere experiment. This news, combined with the ranking of Netflix, merely put the long teeth to users who expect domestic connections much faster. In summer last year, Alan Lazalde and spoke of the first impressions that came from Stanford: 151 Mbps downstream with residential internet Google.

That was a very bounded first tests, which then made the leap to a larger experiment. Today we have proof that this business, Google Fiber , go to more. The siguiento step is to start thinking about the challenges of such a connection to hardware manufacturers. For example, hard drives that keep coming to market with lower write speed of this connection, and therefore could not assimilate the job.

To end his brief explanation, which just answered questions about Google Fiber, Schmidt took the opportunity to reaffirm its stance against internet regulation attempt by the ITU. Google and was among the first to demonstrate against him, as he did with the campaign Take Action in which he tried to involve as many users as possible against a proposal it considers unfair and goes against a principle like neutrality and freedom network. Later he would join Anonymous Cerf and in this battle, in which users who believe in a free and open network in Google have a huge ally.

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