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Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 in News |

Google Play: Income less than the App Store, rapid growth

Google Play: Income less than the App Store, rapid growth

That the Apple is the store leader in smartphone applications is not new. Their income is four times higher than those of Google generates Play. Moreover, the growth of Google Play is much faster than the App Store.

This is one of the headlines that the new report shows that the company has conducted analytical App Annie . Although the difference between the App Store and Google Play is still significant, is shrinking. Revenues generated by the App Store are 4 times higher than those of Google Play but these have grown 17.9% in the last month while the Apple store have declined by 0.7%.

Another significant data is that Japan surpasses U.S. in revenue from the Google store and is also the first time that the United States is not the first revenue from Google Play. The study also details how there are markets where the implementation of the Google store is growing at a very high rate. These would be South Korea and India, besides the aforementioned Japan.

If instead of taking the growth of the last month we take the full-year data are staggering for Google. While in 2012 the App Store revenue grew by 12.9%, while Google’s store have done 313%. This is linked to the growth of Google Play in other markets than the U.S.. Japan had the highest incomes had throughout 2012 even if Japanese users downloading only a quarter of the applications that users download from the United States.

Finally, the growth of Google Play in Asian markets is reflected by the list of the 10 studies that have more income. For the month of October, 8 of the top 10 in iOS were U.S. or Japan. These were:

  1. Electronic Arts
  2. Supercell
  3. Zynga
  4. Gameloft
  5. Apple
  6. Applibot Inc.
  8. GungHo Online Entertainment
  9. Kabam
  10. GREE, Inc.

But if we look at Google Play, 7 of the top 10 are South Korea and Japan:

  1. DeNA Co., Ltd.
  2. COLOPL, Inc.
  3. GungHo Online Entertainment
  4. WeMade Entertainment CO., LTD.
  5. Zynga
  6. GAMEVIL Inc.
  7. GREE, Inc.
  8. NAVER
  9. Gameloft
  10. NextFloor

Google This growth in Asian markets indicates that world beyond U.S. and for now Google is taking advantage very well.

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