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Posted by on Nov 13, 2012 in Software |

Google Play Music now available in Spain

Google Play Music now available in Spain

Finally, after much waiting is selling platform streaming Google music and the country. Google Play Music arrives in Spain, offering a great service for us all to save our own songs in the cloud, purchase songs or albums and even either listen via streaming from the web that we’re on Our Partner computers or from a smartphone or tablet Android. This is one of the most anticipated releases in the country of the services of Mountain View, which until now was only available in very limited areas.

Perhaps the best feature of Google Play Music is that unlike other services gives us the ability to upload to the cloud our own music library, through its own program that is named Music Manager . This function allows you to synchronize our songs from our computer, works well with Windows operating system, Mac OS X, or even Ubuntu, something users appreciate free software.

But also on this platform, being a store, we have a vast catalog of music from different artists, which can be located by a musician or group, album or song, including the Google engine recommending some results depending on the music category you select. Of course, we note that this point still has a lot to polish because local recommendations (Spanish artists) should be improved, and some recommendations by category does not make much sense, as having met with the game’s soundtrack Halo 4 in section of “Classics”.

However, the operation of the platform is spectacular as such, provided that it offers in terms of streaming and synchronization. To start using Music in Spanish territory, only need to install the official app from Google Play Store , use the Music Manager to store our music in the cloud and record data from our credit card if we start buying songs .

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