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Posted by on Oct 31, 2012 in Software | 1 comment

Google Search for iOS updated, now we answer your questions

Google Search for iOS updated, now we answer our questions

Google has updated today Google Search (Google search) for iOS, their information search application for Apple devices. It has also introduced the novelty of the application will respond to our question, as Siri does, but only in specific cases. After testing a while these are my impressions.

The application does everything you expect of it but it has a couple of new features. The first is that now you can talk, like we do to Siri and we will return the search result in Google. Furthermore, in specific cases will return a custom screen for the search we have done. And if we indicate we get to speak and answer us.

Speech recognition works in many languages. That there will be no problems. I asked in Spanish and Catalan, and there has been no problem for me to recognize what I was saying. Even with my English with a Spanish accent understood me. So in this aspect a 10 for Google. But my surprise came when I asked questions waiting for an answer or a screen adapted spoken instead of classical search. The results were not expected.

After testing a while I concluded that only work when speech recognition is in English U.S.. So to see these screens and Google make us a small but answer is that you have to speak English. This is where the application takes more useful. Google will respond if asked by the time both of our location as a city. We also show our location if we ask you to tell us where we are. We respond to many questions that ask who, what, when and even how. In the ad you can see some examples.

Some examples of questions that I have done in English have been: What is the age of Messi?, Did you earn AC Milan?, How’s the weather where I am?, How Elvis died? o What is the population of Venezuela? To all my application has responded by showing me a voice and adapted to the results screen.

As if this were not enough, the application is very fast both when opened as to show results. I’ve tested with iPhone 3GS , crawling with most applications and this has opened up very quickly. As a last detail, the application is writing on the screen what is understood as we speak, so you do not have to wait out the phrase to see if you understood what you have said.

Ultimately, that some actions can not be overcome Siri and maybe not as integrated into the system. But it is faster and more compatible with older devices. And is optimized for the iPhone 5 . Definitely a very good option to rival Siri in iOS. And if you can express a little English have gone take full advantage.

Download: Google Search for iOS

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1 Comment

  1. How did you get the app to speak back to you? Mine searches but does not respond as per the video.