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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Internet |

Google Street View made its biggest upgrade yet

Google Street View made its biggest upgrade yet

One of the GIS more complete we can find on the net is, without doubt, Google Maps, thanks to all functionalities (route planners, APIs, traffic information, images, Street View, etc.) has become a reference for many users. Maps (and related services) have a dominant position very difficult to achieve and even iOS maps 6 have attempted to compete in this race, still need to improve a lot to reach the level of service of Google. In Google Maps, one of the most interesting services is Street View, photographs at street level that Google has been collecting their famous cars, bicycles and even backpacks and allow us to take a virtual stroll through the streets of half the world or even , touring monuments and unique venues (both our desktop and mobile devices ), an innovative service that has just received, according to Google, is the biggest upgrade of data that have been implemented to date service.

For some time, was added to a number of unique and monuments around the world, something we could see in the World Wonders Project but with this update, the guys in Mountain View have doubled the number of unique (gardens, monuments, castles, etc.) around the world that we will be able to visit virtually with this service.

Although Street View is not a substitute for tourism and the pleasure of traveling, it is nevertheless an important ally when planning trips or “explore” an area before the visit, therefore, with this update, still more travelers easier to take when planning your trip and, in the case of travel to keep in mind South Africa, Japan, Spain, France, Brazil or Mexico, may be interesting to take a look at this update to virtually visit some of the unique spaces have been added to the service.

Furthermore, since not all tourism, have also been updated images of around 400,000 kilometers of roads and streets in the world, an update in which Google has put the focus in Macao, Singapore, Sweden, United States, Thailand, Taiwan, Italy, UK, Denmark, Norway and Canada.

Street View is one of the great strengths of Google Maps, a service that adds great value to and give Google a competitive advantage over its competitors, especially now that it is accessible from iOS (version for browser). A project like Street View is not easy to maintain and, frankly, is something that you notice when you explore some areas (for example in my city with urbanized areas that have been recently) in which the images were taken five years ago, a period in which the urban landscape has changed substantially, precisely this is, perhaps, one of the shortcomings that I see the service as it is important not only expand coverage but also provide updates but is personally what encounter one of the most useful services of Google Maps.

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