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Google Takeout facilitates our Google Drive backup

Google Takeout facilitates our Google Drive backup

It’s been almost a year and a half since lanzase Google Takeout , an interesting service, although not well known, it is worth bearing in mind because it allows us to back up our data to download and keep your computer (eg because we will apply the low and our own). The service is expanding and, little by little, Google is adding more services that can download our data ( Youtube , Picasa , the “+1″ to do, etc.) and, following this line has been added to Google Google Drive support and improved the download of our files in Picasa.

Although some time we could unburden our Google Docs , Google has decided to give a twist to this service performing backups and focus on service cloud storage, Google Drive, and also offer the ability to download a packet with all our data. Basically this improvement is not so far from what we had available for Google Docs but with one important detail: the downloaded file folder hierarchy respect that we have defined.

Put another way, in the same way that Google Drive can define folders to classify files stored, if we decide to unburden a of all the content, it will respect the folder structure and keep the same classification we have in the cloud, we can also choose to unburden a specific folder in addition to the subordinated have inside.

The other novelty is recipient Picasa, the service to store and share images from Google. While it was a service supported by Takeout and therefore could unburden a copy of our images from Google now offers the possibility to be more selective and generating a backup of a particular album. By default, when you press on Picasa to perform the backup, the application will offer a full backup, but if you click on the settings tab you can specify the album we want to make the copy.

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