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Posted by on Nov 14, 2012 in Video Games |

Grand Theft Auto V unveils new trailer

Grand Theft Auto V unveils new trailer

True to his promise, today Rockstar has released the second trailer for the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V .

With this new trailer, the company continues its strategy to keep alive the attention of fans of the series, until the arrival of the new title to stores in the spring of next year .

The trailer gives us a foretaste of the history of the new Grand Theft Auto, which will revolve around three completely different characters whose lives crisscross in the city of San Jose.

One character, whose name has not been revealed so far, is a retiree who spent half his life stuck in the dirty business world, which has amassed a large fortune. During frame, will find out that his son James is into a lot of trouble, and have to do everything possible to save his life.

The other two main characters are Trevor, a young African American who tries to break into the world of the mafia, which will cause serious problems, and Franklin, a character with a bad temper that stays drunk 24 hours a day, and controlling the small arms market on the outskirts of the city

In addition to the plot, this new shows the excellent quality of graphics that have the game. One of the basic pillars on which it is based for success.

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