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Posted by on Aug 14, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

Graphic resources for use on the web

Graphic resources for use on the web

A few weeks ago we told you about Blue Vertigo , a portal for designers where we can find several resources with which to work. On this day, we will make similar recommendations to talk a bit about graphic resources we have to work on the web. Of course, the list could be endless, so it will be a guide for beginners.


Not something the war against Comic Sans is very firm. Some people still can not understand the font says a lot about a brand or company, and has to be thought carefully before being applied. If you want to use different fonts for design, and do not want to use the default type battery that comes in our operating system, we can search the web for free fonts.

One of the best sources is Da Font , a portal where you can find plenty of fonts divided according to categories that will allow us to better fit what we need. For example, we will not use a serif font with an image if we are looking more relaxed. The large catalog of Da Font font has completely free or Creative Commons licenses.

On the other hand, we also have Google Web Fonts , which features a wide variety of font families that can download and deploy. With CSS3, we can also use these fonts on web sites without having to rely on that the user has previously installed on their computers, which is a plus and really gives useful Google Web Fonts.

Finally, FontSquirrel is another inexhaustible source we can use for commercial purposes, provided with licenses. It is too easy to navigate, but on the home page and we find some interesting suggestions.


With respect to photography, have in principle two options: use licensed photography or stock photography use, with a catalog of free photographs that we use for our projects. With respect to the photographs CC, we have a wider variety of landscapes, and artistic images, while the photographs of stock we have a more commercial approach.

On the DC side, we can use several search engines that allow us to find photos with licenses of this type, even in the advanced search options of Google Images. We can go straight to the source and go to search Creative Commons , where you can select between different search engines that will fit our criteria. We can also find photos on Flickr with CC licenses in its special section .

Finally, one of our favorite tools for finding with CC licenses is Compfight , a very powerful search engine that wants nothing more a concept to find pictures related to it.

On the side of the stock photographs, we must be careful with that are actually free to download, otherwise we will be in legal trouble. The problem with free stock photography is that it usually tends to be quite limited. We have a selection as wide as when we buy images, and it is understandable because it is all business.

A good place to find free stock photography is Freerange Stock . It gives us images of at least 2400x1600px, and a system of licenses to use the photographs for projects. All we have to do is add the photo credit. Of course not mandatory, but courtesy is never over. Moreover, FreePhotoBank web design can have a pretty awful, but has an interesting catalog of stock photography.

We can also choose to pay for individual photos. Many sites have the ability to download and purchase a license for photographs at a very cheap, just a few dollars, so if you’re behind a serious project, not bad think about buying the corresponding images to give a more professional look .


The search vector is a bit more advanced, and goes beyond mere pixel photos. Vectors can help us create a logo, branding, etc.. If we are working with a designer, surely we will deliver the vector logo when you finish work it is normal. Now if we improvise something along the way, where do we draw vector images?

Again, we have two choices, free of charge. As for free, there are several websites where we can find a large catalog of images into vectors that can be downloaded for free. OCAL (Open Clip Art Library) is one of the biggest, but we have to know to look to find something interesting. One of my favorites is VectorStock , where you can find all the elements necessary to design a logo.


When we are talking about templates, we refer to previously made templates that we can complete our information. Something like what we find in Blogger, WordPress or Tumblr when creating our blog. But on the other hand, we can buy a template to give a more professional look to our website.

An interesting option is Free CSS Templates , where you can download templates to apply CSS to a page (or use them as inspiration). How are you there are many pages, but if you really want to give a professional look, always consider hiring a designer.

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