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Posted by on Dec 12, 2012 in Curiosities |

GravityLight lamp that uses gravity to developing countries

GravityLight lamp that uses gravity to developing countries

This is a project that wants to use the technology to develop a better life for some people. The idea is to create a lamp that works with gravity so that is not dependent on any fuel.

In essence, this call GravityLight operates with a plow weight to one end of a cable. Therefore, when the low weight thanks to the gravity energy is generated. To recharge just have to raise the weight again. Functions as a relgo of Cucut, where the two compensating weights are to keep it going. The reason it can work is by not using external eneregía is clean, without generating waste.

This is important because many poor families depend on kerosene for their lamps run. This system ensures that the health of the people better because we have nothing burning inside the cabin and not have to pay for it. Another key point in the works is that it is cheaper to produce.

The GravityLight no batteries or electronics, this can have a very low cost. The light lasts half an hour and when it runs only has to go back up the weight. The first generation will cost $ 10 and pays for itself in a few months of not having to buy kerosene. Are expected to arrive later to cost about $ 5 so its mass can be easier.

Thanks to a clever design, simple and cheap can change the lives of many people. It is one of those cases where the low-tech works efficiently, because someone has taken the time to consider such a situation could be improved. For now the project seeks funding IndieGoGo , which have already achieved in a few days and for $ 60 we can have a donate GravityLight while a second to a developing country. You can watch a video of their performance.

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