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Posted by on Sep 3, 2012 in Science |

GRB10: Scientists discover protein “Hulk”

A group of Australian researchers at the Garvan Institute in Sydney have conducted a study indicating how GRB10 protein plays a crucial role in increasing muscle mass during development.

A study has important implications for a wide range of conditions that can worsen over time and muscle related injuries: muscular dystrophy, type 2 diabetes or problems caused by muscle inflammation.

Dubbed by the researchers as “Hulk”, could be a key player in the future of medicine. Lowenna Dr. Holt, author of the study, commented about it:

By identifying a new mechanism that regulates muscle development our work has revealed possible new strategies to increase muscle mass. Ultimately, this may improve the treatment of muscle wasting conditions, and metabolic disorders such as type 2 diabetes.

To do researchers compared two groups of mice. One group was involved with GRB10 gene, and were very muscular. In the other group, where the GRB10 gene was functional, had normal muscles. The researchers examined the properties of muscles in both adult and newborn mice discover that the disturbances caused by the loss of function of GRB10 mainly occurred during prenatal development.

Results that provide insight into how GRB10 acts, suggesting that it may be possible to alter muscle growth and facilitate healing in muscle regeneration processes as-

Yet as the researchers note, this study is only the beginning of a better understanding of how muscle fibers. Dr. Gerald Weissmann just explaining:

To stop anyone from going to the gym. If you want big muscles, the classic recipe remains valid: lift weights, eat and sleep well. But this study shows that when we understand the basic science of how muscle fibers grow and multiply, we will be able to increase muscle mass in many patients.

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