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Posted by on Dec 21, 2012 in Windows |

Great Windows Apps, great alternative to Windows 8 Store

Great Windows Apps, great alternative to Windows 8 Store

The is one of the new features of Windows , and one of the most widely spoken, not always for the better. With it, Microsoft intends to introduce in the daily life of desktop users-and tablet-something years been using smartphones holders: A place where optener attractive and functional applications that help us to enjoy more of our team.

Designed as stores Windows Phone platform, iOS or Android, through it we access applications that have passed through the filter of Microsoft and therefore free from all danger, which can be free or paid, benefiting not only to users but to developers, who are closely connected parts. The problem is that all these stores can be redundant and may be difficult entontrar applications due to the large number of those available.

That’s exactly what the creators have thought of Great Windows Apps , a store within a store, and offered in the Windows Store itself for giving us a place to access the best applications for Windows 8. This is a great idea, allowing us to dig according to its creators under the actual categories of “top rated” and “new applications”, the truth is that the evidence has fulfilled its promise. At least we have between “new applications” old apps that everyone knows and I really do not quite know why Microsoft has them cataloged that way.

The way to use this store is very similar to the Windows Store, and indeed the philosophy is the same. Clicking on the title of each category access a page with all aplicacioens own grouping, ordered in the case of “new applications” for the date of appearance in the Windows Store. This is a real and well management in real time, as this shop drink from the principal.

In addition, each category also allows us to search for specific types of meidante the top down. Finally, download or buy apps is just like in Windows Store, and in fact we are selecting a redirected to the Microsoft Store.

What are you waiting for to try it?

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