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Posted by on Oct 3, 2012 in Science, Technology |

Green Brain Project: building the brain of a bee in a flying robot

Green Brain Project: building the brain of a bee in a flying robot

Under the so-called Green Projetc Brain, with a million dollars today, lies a project that will try to create the first accurate computer simulation of the brain of a bee , a technology which aims to build an autonomous flying robot.

And is that the brain could help robots act with total independence. A project whose first phase will seek to find ways in which insects see or smell to then simulate both sensory systems.

Once obtained the simulated brain will be ready to use in a flying robot to help make their own decisions. Robots that, to become successful, could be used in future search and rescue missions or even to work on farms in mechanically pollinated crop.

A team of scientists from the Universities of Sheffield and Sussex which aims to build models of neural systems in the brain of a bee that gets the simulation of sight and smell.

According to James Marshall, computer scientist at the University of Sheffield:

The simulation of a brain is one of the great challenges of artificial intelligence. So far, many attempts to recreate biological brains have focused on cognitive systems found in humans, monkeys and mice.

What happens is that the simplest organisms such as those of insects are surprisingly advanced cognitive abilities.

And is that the bees are known for their unerring ability to find their way back to a colony or hive. It is believed that the Sun is used as a reference point, compensating for its movement through the calculation of the route they need to return. According to Marshall:

Because the bee brain is smaller and more accessible than any vertebrate brain, we hope to be able to produce a complete and accurate model is then implemented in a flying robot.

Scientists say that the models of sensory systems are implemented with a set of powerful graphics cards with the ability to perform the necessary calculations to simulate the brain of the bee.

To become a reality and succeed, researchers have succeeded in building a simulation of the brain that can make decisions without a program in the skeleton of a robot.

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