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Posted by on Oct 18, 2012 in Web 2.0 |

Grooveshark: everything that brings its redesign

Grooveshark: everything that brings its redesign

Finally a nice design to match a music service that has given us so much joy. That’s what I thought when I saw the new face of Grooveshark , made of HTML5, which enhances social functions, which makes everything even more simple and easy to use for those we love not only have hand from the Internet but also share and find new bands.

has just launched its new website, which has been working for several months and brings features that we have used in other services like, Twitter or Spotify, especially social, while at the same time give more prominence to artists , which you can follow and can also add their music, delete it and communicate directly with their fans.

Music is social

Grooveshark shows an interface as clean as before, keeping the same functions as we loved: to make music charts, enjoy a service without ads, skip songs you do not want to hear our music and upload. But the design is much more attractive, and among other things also now shows the album covers.

Grooveshark: everything that brings its redesign image 2

In the very essence of music is related to the other, dancing together and sharing. Grooveshark also seems to have agreed to this in its new redesign, giving us options to share what we hear, whether a single item or a playlist, leaving the link and embed code for the offering. In each of the issues, for example, we Flattr social buttons, to give like Facebook, Twitter to tweet on the subject or of +1 for Google+. You can also comment on each of the topics.

The options mark a track as a favorite, add it to your collection, share or listen to the song are on each of the items you find.

Grooveshark wants you to find new music, and so includes features that remind me of things we see in services such as Popular music between your contacts and also the artists who thinks you should listen Grooveshark is one of the main sections of the website. You can listen to popular songs together and list them all.

The alliance with Flattr

Flattr appears as a button located next to the ones we see always, Twitter, Facebook and Google+, but it is the sign of an agreement that has made this company Grooveshark micropayments and provides an interesting option for independent artists. Thus site users can “pay” for their favorite artists putting money into your account and clicking the Flattr Flattr button in the same way they would a Like but providing more than just a simple click.

Radio and streaming

The pleasure of listening to the radio is something that has certainly been considered by Grooveshark, which gives us the ability to create radios as our preferred genre or launch a radio set from the artists of your songs you are currently listening. You can even save a session as a playlist inspired to repeat the experience anytime.

In Mobile

Grooveshark already has app for iOS and Android but yet when they talk about their new interface only mention the possibility of listening to Grooveshark on mobile via the web, saying that you need not settle anything. And that is when we use their service through the mobile browser on our understand very well why: counting on a good internet connection (both 3G and Wi-Fi) working fluid is clear and easy to use and still working in the plane, so we can still enjoy the music while using other applications.

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