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Posted by on Oct 26, 2012 in Video Games |

GTA Vice City comes to iOS and Android in its tenth anniversary

GTA Vice City comes to iOS and Android in its tenth anniversary

is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular video game franchises and one that has most resonated with users from that in October 1997, lanzase the first title in this series. Rockstar Games team has been raising the bar with each delivery and titles like Grand Theft Auto III marked a before and after to give users complete freedom of action. Last year, coinciding with the tenth anniversary of GTA III, Rockstar released a special version for iOS and Android , a formula that the company will repeat to celebrate the tenth anniversary of one of the titles in the series: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City .

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City will be 10 years old on October 29, a title that followed in the wake of GTA III and deepened to offer the user complete freedom of movement in an open stage that could scan in addition to meeting the various proposed missions within the story which, incidentally, was developed in the 80′s Miami.

To celebrate 10 years have passed since the release of this title, Rockstar will follow a dynamic similar to that launched with GTA III and GTA launch special editions of Vice City with artworks never seen, a new game trailer which recall some of the most popular scenes and the soundtrack of the game, promotional merchandising and, most importantly, the late autumn we will have available a special version of the game for and devices.

It was a turning point in the series and we are delighted to celebrate the tenth anniversary this year with an impressive and updated version for phones and tablets

The news, of course, is more interesting though, for now, do not know too many details about the game’s features and compatible devices. Last year, with the release of GTA III for iOS and Android, Rockstar reported on devices that could run the game, but this list is not yet available for GTA Vice City (Rockstar has commented that although the published before the game’s release.) What I have said is that iOS and Android version of GTA Vice City will support high resolution graphics (which suggests that older devices could stay out), will include some improvements to make the game comfortable on both platforms mobile and also will include some additional extras.

Extremes attentive to the release date and compatible devices.

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