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Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 in Uncategorized |

GTasks, access Google Tasks from Android

When we talk about GTD commented that this method could help us manage all inputs or trays in which we can enter tasks we analyze, catalog and plan. Once assimilated this technique, it makes sense to rely on some kind of tool that gather tasks, either a paper notebook or a task management tool. Google offers this possibility materialized in Google Tasks , a tool that is worth keeping in mind (although Google’s has something abandoned) and which can be accessed from Thunderbird or from our terminal client using some GTasks .

What is GTasks? As we can imagine, with this client we can synchronize our Android terminal the tasks we have stored in Google Trasks and organize all those things we have to do (or we accumulate) to try and organize our daily lives in the most optimal . While the application is designed to synchronize tasks with Google Tasks, it is not necessary to use the service and could store all the information only on the phone but, really, what adds value is to rely on the cloud.

If you use on a personal level (with our Gmail account) and professional (with an email account in Google Apps) with can synchronize tasks and concentrate multiple accounts in one place, all information, add notes, generate new tasks, sort them (or put another way, prioritize them properly), contact Google Calendar to display events that have scored or set reminders (very important if we have a dealine close or have to meet a deadline or commitment ).

To embed a widget on your desktop Android is another interesting details of this application, coupled with its ease of use, make it an interesting option for those who work with mobile devices or consult with some regularity to view programming day. Personally, I find it very interesting to apply GTD to manage and if we combine it with the use of Thunderbird extension or using Google Tasks from the web, we can schedule our work days and improve our productivity in bringing order to the chaos everyday.

After installation, the application will ask for permission to access Google Tasks with Google Account you have configured in the terminal and, after this, will access the application, at which time we will see the tasks in Tasks sorted by date ( including overdue tasks).

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