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Posted by on Sep 26, 2012 in Social Networks |

Guide: creating content for social networking

Guide: creating content for social networking

In all the posts that have been dedicated to tips for Community Managers , we have emphasized the importance of quality content. We may be running a campaign of Ads, or we are attracting new followers through a contest. But when all this is over, we must learn to hold them, and this can only be achieved through good content. So today we are going to devote a few lines to a guide on creating content for social networks.

We may have good ideas, but creating good content relies heavily on our knowledge of our own community, besides doing many trials and much trial and error. If we think that something can work and then you do not, do we have to discard it completely: we have to take into account the time and day when it was published, the context, and so on. Considering all these variables, we are on the right track. What we have to consider when creating content?


Of course, creativity plays an important role in generating content for social networks. Whether Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or whatever, we must have a comprehensive understanding of how we can take advantage of the most innovative. We need not be afraid, and this is something we need to teach our clients also use third party content. Do we find an interesting video on YouTube? Why not share it?

Some companies are still quite timid when it comes to social networks, and have strict rules and frankly absurd claim that only have to post things related to the brand or product. This can be helpful when we are introducing a new product that arouses public interest. Then the feed will stagnate in user, or worse, penalized by EdgeRank Facebook or ignored by most interesting things in the timeline of Twitter.

So, if we create an engagement with our users from another perspective, when you do have to promote a product or a contest, it will be much easier. Lets be a familiar face. We will not be just a marketing channel.

What are the best content to post?

  • Videos: both Twitter and YouTube, are best engagement generate, give us more impressions, and help our brand reach further. We do not just promotional videos, but we find recommendations funny videos, tutorials believe if warranted brand, and more.
  • Images: We also generate a larger impact. Users respond better to postings with pictures, so we can have more range and organic Viralization possibility that we would not just with text. Again, does not have to be a promotional image: until you can create our own memes!
  • Music: a content that I find important is the music, not only because I love it, but because it can give a human tint to our publications. We recommend that our users create playlists (especially if we do not use too corporate YouTube account), and ask for recommendations to our fans. One of the best ways to approach users is through music.
  • Fun Links: for more serious it can be a brand, we have to make room for fun. What better way than through good links that are fun for users? If we manage to steal a smile, then we can share it with the rest of the community. This will probably require an agreement with our client to determine what is appropriate, but certainly will mark the memory of our fans.

These are not the only options, but they are a good start. Then we have to be refined according to customer needs in power, besides having to adjust to the tastes of the community.


Once we have created our content, we have to see how it works. Now this of course requires some practice. The best we can do is plan our content, but always leaving room for creativity and any problems that may arise reach. When we planned the content, we have to decide when it is best to post it.

And here’s one of the mistakes that can be noticed: many think that planning is just write content, and publish it. But does not take into account that the user can realize this. This ended up being a channel too “stiff” and formal rather than funny and human. Relocate too far No planning or to take literally. As with all plans, we must imagine that might fail.

We can take a week to see what works well in our content network. So we will refine our instinct of publication, do not be afraid, it’s there. For example, we can see that it is best to music tweets late in the afternoon is more profitable because our users are keen to listen to music in the office. It’s a silly example, but you get points which way the idea.

With the passage of time, we will see how well they are working our content, to know where we have to concentrate to create a community.


Many brands in social networks pecan repetitive. Always talking about the same thing. So we will be penalized and never appear in the feeds of users. Not to mention that if we appear, we’ll bore you to death. Not because something exists the phrase “variety is the taste.”

Let a combination of our best content to make our own somewhat eclectic and fun. Although the client insists that he wants to be published 15 posts on a promotion, explain how things work. Sometimes one is much more interesting to post just 15. And is demonstrated through the numbers it gives Facebook. Let us use the tools at hand.

The Anti Marketing

Let’s be honest: users hate to sell them things when not asked. Constantly talking of a product or service is going to get fed up with us. Therefore it is important to have a varied and entertaining content. To be an emblem of the anti-marketing. The brand has to reflect a philosophy, is more than the product, and social networks should be a reflection of this.

If we are not constantly trying to sell something, then we will reach out to users differently. And when they need a product, they will remember us.

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