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Posted by on Sep 13, 2012 in Internet |

Hack your medical report and distributes it to the open source community to find a cure

May ultimately not “cure” as he says, but the history of this hacker with brain cancer has reached the top in the network, therefore, that since there are several open forums reddit with the story of the boy. A young who has cracked the confidential medical report of his illness (brain cancer) distributing it on the open source community. The idea, invite everyone to participate in their “cure” in any form and has the word meanings.

The young Italian has issued the Video that opened with a letter on its website explaining the reason for this curious movement. According to him, it is possible that alternative thinking may be the way to resolve cases like yours, a priori difficult to solve.

I leave you with the message Roberto Preatoni and link to your site where anyone can participate in this movement:

I have brain cancer.

Yesterday I went to get my medical records digital: I have to teach them to many doctors. Unfortunately, they were in a closed format, owner, and therefore could not open them with a computer or send them in this format to all the people who could save my life.

I have deciphered. The opened and the contents became open format so that I could share with everyone.

Today I could share data on my health (about my brain cancer) with 3 doctors. 2 of them have already responded.

I’ve been able to do because the data used were open and accessible formats: doctors have been able to open the files using their computers, their tablets. They have been able to respond from home, on Sunday.

Myself progressively publish all responses received, with use of open formats, so anyone with my same disease may benefit from the solutions found.

It is a cure. This is my Cure in Open Source.

This is an open invitation to participate.

CURA, which in different cultures means different things.

There is no cure for the body, for the spirit, even to communicate.

Get the information about my disease, if you want, and give me a cure: make a video, a work of art, a map, a text, a poem, a game, or try to find a solution to my health problem.

Artists, designers, hackers, scientists, doctors, photographers, video-makers, musicians, writers. Anyone can provide a cure.

Create your own cure with the content found in section DATI / DATA here on this site, and send it to

If you knew of a doctor willing to consider the case, please keep that in mind to send it …

Thank you very much, Roberto “SyS64738″ Preatoni

… Fingers crossed.

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