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Posted by on Aug 18, 2012 in Society, Software |

Hackathons, an unforgettable experience of knowledge

Hackathons, an unforgettable experience of knowledge

A hackathon is an event organized by hackers, for hackers, in order to program or build a collaborative solution for a period of hours, preferably in the same physical space. Obviously, is a compound word hack and marathon, a race for the best possible hack, a wonderful heritage of the hacker culture. The hackathons help build and strengthen communities follow a model of collaboration and competition to such good effect that deserves to be emulated in other areas: in the classroom, at work, in government. In addition, attendance at a hackathon is an unforgettable experience in life, let’s see why.


Teamwork is essential to participate in a hackathon, a small group where communication flows unimpeded, where skills are added and the main purpose exceeds any ego (ideally). Participate in a hackathon involves working in a rapid response team, effective and creative problem solving. Viewed on a larger scale, a hackathon is about teams forming a huge team, total, after realizing the best ideas.


Seen more depth, hackatons are networking events. Where attendees (and each of their ideas) are nodes, and communication among them are the connections: the extensive distribution of ideas. In a hackathon people extend their networks, yes, but still his collection of new ideas. It is an event competing ideas and spread exponentially: in the end, a particular balance filters the best, because all the ideas are discussed, crumble, remixes and eventually evolve. The hackathons generate adaptive open networks and knowledge.


A hackathon is an event that catalyzes the generation and distribution of knowledge because it concentrates minds willing to collaborate in a network. Networks of autonomous, self-taught, participatory. Also, this is an event where ideas are tested, even enhanced, by and for the community. The hackthons are intensively the opportunity to practice problem-based learning. If your classroom learn concepts first and then solve problems, in just the opposite happens hackthons. And it works really well.

Getting Started

Although by definition, are events hackathons made for programmers, as I said above present a model for those who want to learn love solving problems. For example, I had the opportunity to use in my classes this way:

  1. Presentation of a problem, actual preference
  2. Training teams of four or five students
  3. Definition of work tools
  4. Debate team and then as a group the elements of the problem
  5. Format definition deliverables, on time and
  6. Developing creative solutions, disruptive, effective
  7. Presentation by team approach to the problem: the essence of the solution
  8. Brief round of questions and answers
  9. Selection of the best solutions
  10. Self-critical reflection to improve

This is a small methodology is by no means original, but it works for students to collaborate, form networks of ideas and enhance the knowledge from solving a specific problem. Imagine this model especially in closed areas such as government or business.

You can start a self-taught yourself, with your group of friends in your community, build your own or participate in the hackathon to happen in your country, let contamination of good ideas, imagine how a DNA strand in need of the rich information Genetic other. The point is to learn, develop your talents to the fullest, even when you discover the limit.

A hackathon, ideally, is about to serve a common cause. And it works.

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