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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Intellectual Property, Internet, Video Games |

Hadopi implement the system of three strikes in the video game industry

Hadopi implement the system of three strikes in the video game industry

So far the system had gradual, known as three strikes and initiated by in France, the music industry and film as main beneficiaries. A system where through three strikes the user may end up with fines, reducing its speed and even closure of your account online. This situation could change in early 2013. Hadopi in France seeks to users sharing games on the network will become part of the warnings and punishments.

In recent months have shown the results of Hadopi in the country during the two years of having the system. Results showed us how a large number of users have been warned belief system after the illegitimate use file sharing copyright protected.

Since that 2010 rights holders have identified up to 3 million IP addresses in France. Of these, 1.5 million determined Hadopi should be advised to the first notice, 102,854 the second and 340 the third and final notice.

All these IPs they identify as people are accused of allowing their network connections are used for illegal file sharing both music and movies with copyright. A system will soon be implemented in the United States but with 6 instead of three notices and keeping the system only for movies and music.

What I want now is to join Hadopi other industries within the system, which in his view industries have become “orphaned” and left to die. Only in this way means that the agency is about to integrate the Video game industry in this system gradually.

According Hadopi forecast for 2013, users of music and film have changed their “habits” and are sent only just over 1 million warnings, put another way, since 2010 have changed their ways more than 1.5 million users.

The system announces improved for next year and be able to handle a greater number of references that would include the exchange of files relating to video games. A system should therefore bind more data.

Anyway, with this move France would become “pioneer” in the same system that they originated. The game industry will reach three strikes system and it is expected to reduce the number of “offenders”.

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