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Posted by on Aug 31, 2012 in Technology |

HBO: Wireless streaming for the first time only in Europe

HBO: Wireless streaming for the first time only in Europe

It will be in mid-October, a change of course in the prestigious so many cult series has brought us … and not in America. has announced the arrival in without a cable subscription does not include customers in the United States. European continent is chosen .

The expansion plans were announced to the European continent in Stockholm. A new service under the name Nordic AB HBO to start operations in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

According to the press release the subscription will be around 10 euros per month for a service that will also include competitors from Showtime and Starz.

The new formula will bring these countries both original and subtitled versions of the same content that is included in the United States, all series and movies that are broadcast there.

It should be clarified that far HBO offered a streaming service to its existing customers in HBO GO, what happens is that it is a subscription service that required the mandatory traditional cable.

A change of direction for innovation towards alternative business model using the network. On the other hand it is speculated that this beginning could not be the beginning of an expansion for the rest of Europe, but a test or just a model for the Nordic region and its specific market.

In any case the movement takes place shortly after Netflix announced its plans to serve in the same region their entire catalog via streaming.

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