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Posted by on Nov 20, 2012 in Software, Technology |

HERE Nokia available for iOS

HERE Nokia available for iOS

With iOS 6, introduced their own maps in the mobile operating system of replacing Google as part of a strategy to rely as little as possible of one of its main competitors and makers of Android. In theory a great movement. In practice, Apple’s maps do not work really well, they were not totally ready and not compete at all with the service that Google has offered for years.

After a public apology by Tim Cook, he asked his clients to try alternative maps until they can put things in order in the house. took the request seriously, apparently, and a few days ago announced HERE . A mapping system that among other things provides:

  • Public transportation routes: a feature absent in the iOS maps 6 and that alone may be a good reason to use this alternative.
  • Maps offline: you can download and use the maps previously in areas with poor coverage or outside our country.
  • Voice address routes to walk.

Apple has approved the application and is available for download on iOS devices. No cost and aims to be a strong move by Nokia to position itself not only in manufacturing but also in offering hardware in which we can really rely regardless of platform or operating system you’re using.

Over the past few weeks has been around much speculation about the possibility that Apple approve and allow such applications. Why? According to the terms and conditions to which they adhere developers, not approve applications that compete directly with the most important functions of iOS, the maps being one of them. But in recent months the company has been much more relaxed in this regard, allowing software or services like Spotify, Google Chrome, Opera or Sparrow can be downloaded from the App Store. Would not surprise me in a few days or weeks see the Google Maps app for iOS now available for download.

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