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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Uncategorized |

Here’s the Google search application for Windows 8

Here's the Google search application for Windows 8

Tomorrow is released worldwide , one of the products that have marketing this year and therefore one of the most debated, discussed and controversial. And I’m sure you also bestsellers. Therefore, development teams around the world are working hard to get ready their native applications in the coming days, as Google, which has succeeded in launching its Search app just in time.

Accessing Windows Store from within the system and entering the name of the brand can locate and download it, or even visiting the website of the store , which is now available for all users of Windows 8. Let’s see how deep.

From the first moment we met with a totally touch-and of course manageable keyboard and mouse, and very simple. In fact after the first boot splash shows us a tutorial that begins with the simple swipe of a finger gesture. In detail we how easy it is to use to Windows 8.

Basically the application allows you to search and find results in Google. Clicking on the search bar and entering a few words. Sliding down the screen or by right mouse click, ways to display the options in Windows 8 applications, we have the ability to access recent searches even as we navigate through the current, ideal for resume related terms, which indeed always available, or to access the instant preview, a very showy to access and view the results in more detail, with a quick pre-load page content:

Here's the Google search application for Windows 8 image 2

Incidentally, the Google and the rest is added to the list in the sidebar, so finding results which is the best Internet search engine in the world is as easy as typing in the search screen and startup selecting the application from the list. We will automatically accessing the results associated with our query, and we will open the browser after selecting integrated, giving us an idea of what could be the application that also prepares Google Chrome. What we prefer to use the default browser? Simply access the menu again, using the right-click, and select the option to open in browser.

Personally I found a good application, and a new way to enjoy the Google experience, which in turn shows that Windows 8 may have much pull even outside the desktop. At the end of the day we can listen to music, play video content, search the encyclopedia or access the results of a search engine like Google, Bing with permission from the default. Well well by Google and Microsoft. Will Windows 8? Tomorrow we begin really to find out.

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