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Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in Hardware, Technology |

Here’s the new iMac

Here's the new iMac

today introduced the new iMac. An impressive machine that exceeds in all respects to its predecessor.

What we have noticed is its impressive thinness, achieved by eliminating the optical reader. Barely 5 mm, almost half a iPhone 4S. Moreover, the design retains all the lines of the previous model, but in the central portion is enlarged slightly. A jewel of design to be seen live to believe it. Screen sizes are kept: 21’5 inch model, and one of 27. Screens that are reduced up to 75% glare.

It also includes the feature Fusion Drive. A memory that combines SSD and traditional hard disk into one. The SSD is 128 GB, while the HDD (hard drive) is 1 TB in the base model, expandable up to 3TB. Thus, applications will be installed in the flash memory to handle them with a lot of open and flowing, while documents will be housed on the hard disk. This feature is present throughout the range except in the initial model of 21’5 “, which only has 1 TB HDD.

There are other settings: for example, increasing the initial RAM (8 GB at 1600 MHz) up to 32 GB. Or choose a storage unit up to 768 GB SSD, exclusively. While the processor core is an Intel i5 quad-core 2.7 GHz (expandable to 3’2 GHz) can move to the higher version, the 3’4 GHz i7 up Their are four USB 3.0 connectors and two Thunderbolt.

Another marked feature is that it consumes half the power than the previous model when at rest. The 21.5-inch model will retail for $ 1,299 at its most basic, while that of 27, $1,799 . The first will be on sale in November, while the latter will make us wait another month until December.

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