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Posted by on Oct 18, 2012 in News |

High: AOL reimagines the email

High: AOL reimagines the email

AOL has presented today its commitment to return to be relevant in the field of webmail. This could not have launched Alto, a customer with a very strong emphasis on the organization and visual experience where they have done a great job of documentation on how people use today.

Alto is designed to be very efficient in organizing emails. To do emails separated into piles according to various criteria. We can find the battery for personal emails, the emails with attachment, emails with photos and social service notifications. We can also create our own based on the sender, destination or keywords. For AOL pursuing the idea was to replicate the behavior that people with cards. They saw that when we organize physical mail we do is stack our letters as topics. They have tried to apply this division to the web and do so in a simple and automatic, so that it is difficult to organize hundreds of emails.

Messages can be accessed quickly and by year. You can mark favorites very quickly and even can be marked for later, bringing the Alto do appear again after the appointed time. It also allows access Google Calendars and Google Drive and even offers visual statistics on traffic from each sender.

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One advantage of High is not necessary that create a new account. Alto to work with AOL email but also with , Yahoo or iCloud and not just one as it has a maximum of up to 5 simultaneous accounts.

Currently in beta Alto only be used on the web. The idea of AOL is that in the future they can launch applications for phones and tablets and also can be answered from the same client as LinkedIn notifications as direct messages to Facebook and Twitter.

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Finally still will not know how to monetize the service and not planning to enter the field of advertising, but if you could consider offering special deals to users. To test height can now direct you to their website to request an invitation. The public launch is expected early next year.

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