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Posted by on Aug 30, 2012 in Internet |

History Eraser, an extension to control Chrome browser history

History Eraser, an extension to control Chrome browser history

Among the topics treated are usually usually find the privacy , ie preserve out of sight of others our personal data, the websites we visit and the information exchanged, for example, with our friends. Use secure connections in the services we use (Twitter, Gmail, Facebook, etc.) contributes to the secrecy of our communication and prevents third parties connected to our network to attempt to grab your passwords (if they are transmitted in clear), but in our team is still maintained control information relevant or clear: the browsing history .

What is your browsing history? All browsers we use (unless you use some private or anonymous mode), are storing traces of websites you visit both web pages (which is what is commonly known as history) like cookies that have been generated. All browsers include tools to monitor your browsing and allow us to delete it (as well as cookies and temporary files), but not something that is accessible and requires a few clicks and menu navigation of your browser. With the idea to keep all this information controlled (and delete it if necessary) have devoted a few minutes to utilities such as Edit This Cookie or Clear History , extensions to which we can add History Eraser , an extension for Google Chrome .

And how this extension can help us? is an extension fairly light and above all, versatile offering the user a full Google Chrome panel with which to control the information they want to keep their activity on the computer and you want to delete.

Clicking the extension icon (which like all Chrome extensions are located in the upper right corner of the interface) and a window with which you can delete, easily, navigation history (both complete and specific pages) deleted download history, empty the browser cache (useful for checking changes in a particular web page), delete cookies stored on our computer or delete stored information forms.

History Eraser, an extension to control Chrome browser history image 2

So what’s different? Maybe at first glance it may seem that these features do not add anything new because it is the same as can be found in your browser settings, however the difference value is that History Eraser allows you to search by date and therefore be much more precise information eliminated (and which therefore retain).

An extension easy to use and, above all, more interesting if we protect the privacy of our navigation (and control what is stored on our team in a very comfortable).

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