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Posted by on Oct 13, 2012 in Mobile |

History Eraser: erasing the history of our Android device

History Eraser: erasing the history of our Android device

Our mobile devices store personal information that we maintain in a safe and away from prying eyes. A good practice to follow is to set an access password (either alphanumeric or, in , using a pattern that we mark on the screen) to prevent people from accessing your messages, call or made, such , searches have been doing. The history of our device, like that of our browser, contains a wealth of information about our business in addition to occupying space therefore occasionally does not hurt to review this information and not erase what interests us.

In the case of using an Android device, the task of cleaning and maintenance can take place via one of the applications available on Google Play, for example, History Eraser (which incidentally is called exactly like an extension for Google Chrome ). is an application that centralizes erasing the data stored on our cell derived from our own activity:

  • Control browsing history
  • Control record calls made and received
  • Control of searches done on Google Play
  • Control search history in Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube or Google search
  • Messages can be deleted
  • Delete cache files (something that we can do with Easy Cache Cleaner )

History Eraser: erasing the history of our Android device image 2

Using these options, you may remove all activity from your Android handset or delete selectively some aspect as the browsing history or searches (something quite useful if smudging searches just what we are writing to make a new). If we add these options that the application is very easy to use, this type of maintenance is simple and, therefore, is something we can incorporate into our routines of use (as we should incorporate back security ).

Clear history from time to time, by the application cache, will help free up storage space on the device, which is important if our memory is not large terminal.

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