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Posted by on Sep 25, 2012 in Technology |

Hitachi presents a crystal with the ability to save data forever

Hitachi presents a crystal with the ability to save data forever

Think of the music and its different formats. We went from vinyl to cassette and then end up buying CDs. Then came the era of MP3 and in a few years will pass to a new format. That’s life or market but the fact is that it is very likely that the data storage, either for music or other tasks, change over time. Almost always accompanied by improvements, but with a common denominator, seem to lapse in time. Perhaps for this reason, Hitachi has introduced a system that could be revolutionary, glass sheets with the ability to store data forever .

And the company introduced this past Monday a method of storing digital information on a material tiny quartz crystal, a technology that endure extreme temperatures and harsh conditions without degradation over time. A system which requires no changes over time.

He explains the company investigator, Kazuyoshi Torii:

The volume of data being created every day is exploding, but in terms of keeping these for later generations, has not improved since the days when things were inscribed on the stones.

The possibility of losing information actually may have increased. The life of digital media available today, if CDs or hard drives is limited to a few decades or a century at most.

And is that the rapid development of technology has led to frequent changes in hardware data read. According Torii:

As you may have ever experienced, there is the problem that you can not retrieve the information and data they gathered ever case of old films or plates of the past with your vinyl.

And how does this glass? describes the technology of storing a binary form by creating points (voxels) into a thin sheet of quartz glass, a sheet that can be read with a normal optical microscope. From here, any team with the ability to decode the binary system, with simple programming, you can read the data contained in the new technology.

A device of an inch square and two millimeters thick. The quartz crystal makes it really stable and sturdy. Then take a chip which according to the company, is resistant to most chemicals, high temperatures and even water.

The material currently has four layers of dots with the ability to store 40 megabytes per square inch, about the density of a music CD. A prototype that from Hitachi expect to implement more layers for additional storage without problems.

As for his possible release, from Hitachi explain why not throw in the short term, the first steps will serve as storage for government agencies, museums and other organizations.

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