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Posted by on Oct 31, 2012 in Intellectual Property, Internet |

Hollywood asks not allow users access to their Megaupload data

Hollywood asks not allow users access to their data Megaupload

A few days ago we told the story of Kyle Goodwin , a professional camera that had initiated the process for the return of their legitimate data, jobs after FBI raid servers had been confiscated and Goodwin claimed. This situation will be reviewed in the coming days in a hearing that Hollywood studios are unwilling to occur. According to the MPAA, the user data can not be returned because it “could lead to massive infringement of copyright” that supposedly are in servers.

And it is the lobby of Hollywood seems alarmed by the possibility of the return of the data to its users. The has informed the Virginia judge who will review the case of Goodwin that:

The decision to allow users to key confiscated files to access their own files could aggravate massive delinquent behavior, as discussed in this criminal case.

We talk about servers that contain about 25 petabytes of data, currently offline and stored by the hosting company Carpathia.

The MPAA has not ruled on the request for Goodwin to have their own copyrighted videos, but still, had asked to participate in the hearing prepared for early November with the idea:

Describe the overwhelming amount of copyright infringement that are on Megaupload.

Consider that six current members of the MPAA are part of Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney, Fox, Universal, Sony and Warner Bros, and Hollywood studios for Megaupload and its founder Kim Dotcom is evil to be eradicated. As even said at the time Chris Dodd, chairman of the Association: “This is the largest website and more active in the world operating illegally.”

Meanwhile, the EFF, who represents Kyle Goodwin, explained that the position is nonsense:

It makes little sense for the MPAA, or MegaUpload or Carpathia, or even for the government, prevent third party access to legal ownership. Not only harms those third individual, but negatively affects all providers and cloud storage customers, who ultimately work with the technology, and must be able to rely on access.

In any case, the position of the MPAA joins the Justice Department’s own United States. Now will be the judge Liam O’Grady of Virginia that the decision on the new hearing on the petition of Goodwin.

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